MARVEL News: First Concept Art for ‘Ant-Man’ Poster Released

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It’s a pretty explanatory poster obviously aimed at the audience of non-comic fans. The suit looks a little unnecessarily fitted-out but the helmet looks better for a live-action movie.

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With the famous San Diego Comic Con about to start, MARVEL have released the first poster for ‘Ant-Man’. Whilst it will feature in the MARVEL panel, following the departure of Edgar Wright, filming has yet to begin so no footage can or will be shown but the poster gives a good indication of the look of the characters and costume.

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Dwayne Johnson hints at upcoming Shazam role!

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3958636-20130707-121758 - CopyAs part of the promotion for his new movie Hercules, Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) had a chat with Total Film about the swirling rumours surrounding his addition to the DC Cinematic Universe.

And, in a remarkably candid response, Dwayne responded by saying “There’s a character out there that we’re going to announce soon” he revealed. “He has the power of Superman. And it’s not the Green Lantern by the way. Believe me – Jon Stewart – he is a character who I wanted to play, but there was already a version of Green Lantern, and so now we’ve gone in a slightly different direction. But this character has the power of Superman. He can throw down.”

And then he dropped one sledgehammer-subtle hint by adding “Just say the word.”

Check out the video of the interview below, and let us know what you guys think about the prospect of…

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Arrow and The Flash News: Two Hour Cross Over Story Revealed

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This was pretty much inevitable, but great news nonetheless. Gustin and Team Arrow had nice chemistry in their first eps together.

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Ever since the CW Network announced that they going ahead with the Arrow spin off show ‘The Flash’, fans have been asking pretty much the same question. Will there be a crossover episode? Well with both shows airing later this year with Arrow returning with its third season and The Flash launching for the first time, that question has been answered with a huge fan pleasing Yes!

Executive Producer Andrew Kriesberg  has confirmed that Episode Eight in both shows will serve as a two hour cross over story. Oliver Queen does make a brief appearance in the pilot episode of The Flash with Barry taking a quick jog over to Starling City to get the guidance and advice from The Arrow who helps give Barry his hero name, returning the advice that Barry had once given Oliver….”Wear a mask”.

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It has also been revealed that Felicity will guest star in…

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