Review – The Flash, “Going Rogue”

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This week, Felicity Smoak stops by to compare superhero teams while flirting with Barry and helping stop the best villain the show has come up with so far.

The Flash runs afoul of a really good, really nasty bank robber named Leonard Snart.  When Snart gets his hands on a super-freezing gun, Barry’s life (among others) is in danger.

This doesn’t bode well for Team Flash when Cisco reveals that he was the one who built the freeze gun.  Back when Barry first got his superpowers, it seems that Cisco had thought it a good idea to build a weapon that could stop him.  You know, just in case Barry turned out to be a nut rather than a hero.

Felicity drops by to check out Barry’s new powers and gives Team Flash some good advice about not letting things like this tear them apart.  Together, they all stop Snart but the villain gets away to villain-ize another day.

And Barry and Felicity bond platonically over the fact that both of them are holding a torch for someone who doesn’t feel the same way.


What Hit the Target

I love that the show made a guy named Leonard Snart into a badass. I really love this villain, and I’m so happy that he’ll be back!  Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller’s portrayal turns Snart into Bizarro Michael Scofield – smart, calculating, and even… but this time his plan is evil instead of altruistic.

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) fits perfectly with this series, doesn’t she?  She’s a necessity on Arrow – to lighten up its dark and gritty tone – but this show’s more comic tone was really made for this character to enjoy herself.  It seems like they wrapped up her character arc with regards to Barry, so we may not get to see her in Central City nearly as much as I’d like.

That train wreck scene was really well-done.  It’s not always easy on a TV budget, particularly, to use a superhero’s powers inventively and impressively week after week.  This was a good example of how to do it, though!


What Missed the Mark

Felicity is adorable and all, but can anyone just wander unattended into the police crime lab?

Strangely, Trivia Night in Central City didn’t actually occur at night…

The whole ‘Cisco built a Flash-killing gun’ would have worked better if they’d played that angle in earlier episodes.  There’s been no hint of suspicion among the STAR Labs folks, nor any particular animosity.  So, while this plot idea was a good one, it didn’t quite fit right with the characters.

While I loved the actual train wreck, there were some other aspects of the climax that confused me.  For one, how did Snart enter a moving train seemingly by magic or levitation or something?  It might just be bad editing, but this was really badly-played.  Secondly, how did Team Flash find Barry and Snart, and manage to show up so quickly with their fake gadget?  Barry is the Fastest Man Alive, but that speed doesn’t really apply to STAR Labs’ cars.


The Final Score

This episode benefited from a great villain and the pleasant appearance of Felicity Smoak.  It was fun to have Felicity and all the Arrow in-jokes.  The story brings some amount of closure to the flirtation between her and Barry but leaves it open for her return.  As for the villain, Wentworth Miller brings to life a better villain than we’ve seen so far, and a normal human baddie for variety’s sake.  Iris continues to be enjoyable but not have a huge amount of import to the storyline.  Eddie also continues his trend of having nothing much at all to do, although he gets one good joke moment and gets to shoot his gun.  Given his presumed place in Flash canon, it’s kind of surprising that they’re not doing anything interesting with his character.


And in honor of a borrowed member of Team Arrow, its Felicity’s Quote of the Week:

“Let’s just say my team has a similar setup, but with more pointy objects.”

Watch the ‘Age of Ultron’ Trailer + Scene!




I can’t tell you how excited I am for this movie, especially after seeing the full trailer, the announcement of all of Marvel’s upcoming movies, and now this fun scene added in!

Trailer courtesy CBMTrailers.

Review – Doctor Who, “In the Forest of the Night”

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Can you believe it’s already the penultimate week for this regular season of Doctor Who?  Me neither.  But, let’s not dwell on that.  We have a mysterious arboreal invasion of London to solve!

The Doctor lands in the middle of the forest on Earth… smack dab in the middle of London!  In fact, the entire planet has been overtaken by greenery overnight.

Also smack dab in the middle of London are Clara and Danny Pink.  They’re on a school field trip and meet up with the Doctor to try to figure out what’s going on.  While Danny and Clara work on their relationship issues (i.e. she’s been secretly traveling with the Doctor), the group discovers that the trees are communicating with one of the kids – a girl named Mave.

Mave, influenced by the beings controlling the trees, has had visions of a massive solar flare.  The flare will wipe out life on earth.  To counteract the flare, the tree-creatures have created a huge protective shield of shrubbery and gases.  When the solar flare finally hits, the tree umbrella takes the hit and saves the planet from destruction.

Missy watches the goings-on and remarks on being surprised by what’s unfolded.  We don’t know why, as usual with her.


What Hit the Target

Can Mave be the next Companion?  She’s adorable and she could go toe-to-toe with even Doctor Grumpy in a way few can.  She can stay!

I really do like Danny Pink.  I like that he doesn’t like the Doctor because it’s refreshing given how occasionally worshipful the Companions and others have been of the Doctor.  I also respect that Danny isn’t tempted by what the Doctor offers.

Once again, the bit players in this week’s episode added a lot to a somewhat thin story.  Mave particularly, but also poor fearful Ruby and Bradley with his anger management issues.  Even their tendency to take selfies in the middle of a crisis was actually a lot of fun.

The title, in case you’re wondering, is a reference to William Blake’s classic poem, The TigerRead it online here.

Does anyone else think that the thought that sent Mave to the Doctor actually came from Missy?  There have been several interesting references to her interfering with the Doctor and Clara’s adventures…

What Missed the Mark

Has anyone else noticed how many people this season have been allowed inside the TARDIS?  Pretty soon, the entire student body of Coal Hill School will either have a lifetime of therapy to look forward to, or some great blackmail to hold over the Doctor.

This story, like “Kill the Moon”, is a bit of a giant run-around.  As happened with the moon, the strange but natural occurrence just needed to be left alone and allowed to resolve itself.  Although the Doctor and his companions spend a lot of time investigating and occasionally running from side effects of the event, they don’t really much affect the outcome.  And both times, that outcome (if left alone) would benefit mankind.

Clara really doesn’t make a convincing argument for not saving the children from the solar flare.  Yes, the kids would have been traumatized and homesick, but they would have been alive.  The Doctor has access to all of time and space, and he certainly could have found a nice home for the children somewhere/when.  There was no compelling reason for him or Clara to decide to leave them to die.

The Final Tally

Mostly harmless.  This episode is sweet and fun without being overly sappy.  It has a nice ecological and philosophical message.  But it’s unbelievable and not really up to par with some of the better stories this season.  It’s mostly harmless, as the Hitchhiker’s Guide would say.  Enjoy the fun byplay between Clara and Danny and the Doctor.  The kids are a good set of background players, and the mystery is fun for the first half of the story.  It’s an enjoyable hour but not a particularly compelling one.


And, of course, the Quote of the Week is a rather heartbreaking and insightful comment from Clara to the Doctor:

“I don’t want to be the last of my kind.”



‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Official Trailer Arrives After Leak

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Marvel and Disney’s first trailer for “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” arrived Thursday night after being leaked online earlier in the day.

The clip, which features never-before-seen footage including scenes with the villainous Ultron (James Spader), was expected to debut during next week’s “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” on ABC.

Marvel acknowledged the leak via a meta Tweet:

The first “Avengers” film, directed by Joss Whedon, is the third highest-grossing film of all-time after earning a colossal $1.5 billion in 2012.

Marvel’s superhero sequel features original cast members Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth, as well as newcomers Aaron Johnson (“Kick Ass”) and Elizabeth Olsen who play Quicksilver and The Scarlett Witch in the tentpole.

“The Avengers: Age of Ultron” hits theaters May 1, 2015.

The action-packed teaser is expected to play in theaters in front…

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